Travel abroad with your pet

We sometimes have a chance to travel abroad with our pets.
There is no passport for pets, but some certificates are necessary.
It feels a little troublesome, doesn`t it?

First, you have to know the requirements of the country you will travel to.
These can be obtained by calling the country's consulate.
Most countries require a health certificate and a rabies certificate.
But some countries require bilingual forms,consul approval, implanting
of an ID microchip into the animal's body,examination by a veterinarian
in port, and a quarantine period.

Second, you will need to go to your veterinarian to get the certificates
you need.

Finally, you must go to the quarantine office to get an international health
certificate before departure.

NARITA quarantine office phone: 0476 (32) 6664
#1 air terminal building 1st floor.
#2 air terminal building 6th floor.