Meet our staff

Shimada Shogo DVM

He has been the head veterinarian of Shimada Veterinary Hospital since 1980.
Shirai Tamami DVM
She has been with Shimada veterinary hospital as a part time veterinarian since 1982.
She enjoys meeting and helping all the animals.
Yanagisawa Hiromi
She has been a veterinary technician here since April 1999. She studied animal nursing at school. She has always had a pet as part of her family.
Taguchi Takako
I have been working here since April 2003,after graduating from International Animal Health and Management College. I haven't been able to have any pets since I was little,but I love animals.So I am very happy that I can spend time with many dogs and cats in this hospital.And I'll do my best to provide them all with the best care possible.