Pregnancy in dogs and cats

Your veterinarian may be abe to diagnosis pregnancy by urtrasonography
at 30 days after breeding. Then he will explain how to take care of the
mother's nutrition and exercise and preparation for delivery.

As general rule, we give her a high-quality commercial pet food of the
appropriate type. She will need gradually increasing amounts of food.
At the end of pregnancy, she should be eating twice the amount she
normally eats, and it should be divided into 3 or 4 small meals each day.
We don't usually give her supplementation and mineral mixtures.

A whelping box for the mother should have sides 4 to 8 inches high and be
large enough for her to comfortably lay in a stretched out position. It should
not be overly large. Bedding may be newspepers or sheets. The box should
be in a place familiar to your pet, and quiet. The mother should be encouraged
to spend time sleeping in the box before delivery.

Radiographs can be taken at 45 days or later,and are the best way to know
the number of heads and the size of the litter.