It is a really enjoyable and worthwhile experience to be present at the birth
of your pet's puppies or kittens. You should take the expectant mother's rectal temperature every day after 55 days to know when labor starts. Her temperature will fall temporarily to 99F within 10 to 24 hours of labor. At the same time she will lose appetite and seem restless.

Strong uterine contractions start. In a little while the first puppy or kitten, wrapped in a membrane sack, will come out of the vulva, followed by the placenta. The mother will open the sack surrounding each puppy or kitten by licking and biting it. She will then clean off the newborn and sever the umbilical cord.

Sometimes we will need to assist the mother.

*If a puppy or kitten is lodged for more than 10 minutes in the birth canal, try grasping it gently with a clean towel and applying gentle traction while rocking the body slightly back and forth.

*Remove the fetal membranes

*Clean the body by rubbing it with a clean towel, and get rid of the water
from the baby's mouth and nose.

*Tie the umbilical cord about half an inch from the body.Cut the cord on the
side of the knot away from the body. Dip the end of the cord in a small
amount of isodine

When you are present at the birth, you should take care of the mother quietly and patiently. Never be nervous yourself.